Visiting an Osteopath

Regular consultations with an osteopath take around 30 minutes, though initial consultations are usually slightly longer.

On the first visit we take a full medical history, then do physical screening to evaluate body mobility, muscle tone, and to identify sources of pain and dysfunction. We refer people for X-Rays or request other tests when needed.

Treatment is designed for the individual, and involves a range of therapies including specific muscle release, mobilisation of joints, fascial release or cranial osteopathy. Stretches, exercises and lifestyle adjustments are also developed with people – as each person is encouraged to take primary responsibility in their own health.

We welcome peoples’ feedback on their preferred treatment approach and seek to accommodate individual preferences. Gowns are always available if any outer clothing needs to be removed, but people may remain fully clothed if they prefer.

We never commit people to a long or frequent program of therapy.  Many acute issues are expected to respond within 1 to 3 consultations, depending on the person’s age and health history. Many people benefit from periodic visits every 3 – 8 weeks or whatever suits best. Our aim is that each person develops keys to enhance their own well-being, with osteopathic therapy moving from “intensive” towards a role of periodic “maintenance”.