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Our COVID-19 Response – Update: 29.03.20

At this stage the government has not required allied health practitioners to close. So we are continuing to practise with these stringent precautions:

  • Isolate – If people feel safer staying away and can put off treatments, then by all means do so – but we are still here for those who need us. Anyone with colds, coughs or fever – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE PRACTICE – we are happy to re-schedule to a later date. If you have any known or suspected contact with someone who may have COVID-19, please immediately self-isolate and contact your doctor’s surgery by phone, as per current guidelines.
  • Wash – Please aim to wash your hands with soap provided in the bathrooms before and after your visit with us. We also recommend washing hands after handling cash and credit cards. Please also use the available tissues instead of touching door handles, if you wish. You may also use the hand sanitizer provided (as available!).
  • Protect – We are now wearing gloves and protective face masks for all appointments, and spacing out appointment bookings to prevent people from having to pass others in the waiting room as far as possible.
  • Disinfect – We continue meticulously disinfecting throughout each day all items and surfaces that people touch (door handles inside and out, light switches, chair arms, pens, desk and table surfaces, phones and keyboards). We are also being extra vigilant with surfaces around treatment benches, with extra disinfecting before and after each appointment.
  • Remove – Magazines and children’s toys have been removed from the practice. Cups for the water fountain have also been removed, and are available on request.

THIS MAP shows where we are – 3/5 Kenthurst Rd., DURAL NSW 2158..

Osteopathy is an allied health profession within Australia, with a national organisation (Osteopathy Australia) and government registration for all osteopaths. Osteopaths use manual techniques to promote health in the patient, including direct techniques (like massage & joint mobilisation) or subtle techniques (including cranial osteopathy), depending on each person’s requirements. We treat all ages, from newborns to elderly and all between.

Our team at Dural also provides:

  • Naturopathy, promoting health via nutrition & herbal medicine, with Laura or Alison.
  • Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine – see the link for Kim.
  • Remedial Massage – See the link for Glen.

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